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Updated: Apr 30

Finding the right camp can be challenging task for parents. There are several intriguing tips available from the media such as local newspapers and community news disseminated each month. We will be excited to review the components that make the task easier and valid.

Beginning of each school year, look for well-established Academies putting out a flyer or email blast to let parents know and plan in advance for a great soccer experience for their kids. The brochure or email provides specific dates and time that fits the parents working schedule. Parents can refer to the school district calendar to send soccer kids during the year-around Holidays. Parents can call ahead of time to find out special training sessions, one-on-one sessions, small group coaching sessions to enrich core skills needed before sending to highly competitive camps.

Look for an Academy with multiprogram that offers sibling, group and team discounts that are based on early registration, financial need or other factors. Of course, parents should research the camp's game model of each organization. Game model means how players are trained during the camp's play-in sessions or how coaches want them to play.

Top camps employ highly qualified and experienced youth coaches. Typically, local high school and USSF certified coaches with ample training or who have attended the United Soccer Coaches conference all bring a high level of modern coaching strategies, communication skills and hands on activities that are fun, and learner centered.

Optimal soccer-specific facility where kids play soccer is important. During the very hot summer months, indoor facilities can meet the hydration requirement and avoid heat-related injuries. Facility with multiple training equipment can maximize overall fitness and skill acquisition. Functional training for field and goalkeepers should be included to meet the

demands with in the principles of play. It is also beneficial to visit the website and evaluate the facility by a physical visit.

No matter which camp you choose, do your homework to make sure the learning environment is conducive for optimal learning. Highly reputed camps typically have great testimonials from parents and how campers have impacted the game playing with teams.

It is all about the maturity for kids to play the next level. In great camp setting, players are fully engaged, energized, and ready to play every session with passion.

Boys and girls, group by age / skill sets are better equipped to focus on teamwork, cooperation and mental aspects of playing the beautiful game. We invite all parents and players to contact Texas Global Soccer Academy to learn our GAME MODEL and how we help players of all skill level for an indelible impact playing soccer.

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