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What Our Campers and Their Parents Have to Say

These parents and campers have nothing but kind words to say about our coaches, programs, and staff. Read their testimonials below and you might find another reason to send your child to our soccer camps and training programs at Texas Global Soccer Academy in Dallas, Texas.

Soccer Team talk with Parents

 TGSA Soccer Camp​ Parents' Feedback

What activities your kids love the most?

  • Zig Zag, cat & mouse games and the arrival games.
  • Parent vs Campers game.
  • One-on-one instruction from coaches.
  • All activities at the camp with friends.


What areas your kids show maximum improvement?

  • Communication with teammates.
  • Calling for the ball.
  • Stamina and techniques in dribbling, passing, and finishing on goal.
  • More assertive. confident and comfort with the soccer ball.
  • Footwork and decision making.


How effective are coaches and teaching methods?

  • Great!
  • Very patient and positive attitude.
  • No negative yelling!
  • Player-centered and age-appropriate.
  • Very easy to understand and provide immediate feedback.
  • Friendly and approachable.

What specific behavior you notice from your kids while attending the soccer camp?

  • My kids want to come back for another fun day.
  • He has been smiling and much more confident
  • Discipline!
  • My son is engaged, focused, paying attention and more excited about playing soccer
  • They are excited to go to camp. They talk about what they learn.
  • They want to play every evening!
  • She is happy to tell us how it went, and up early every morning to return.
  • The girls have openly told me they are having fun.

Any comments would you add to improve our camp culture?

  • Would like more specific training on positions like goal keeper.
  • This is our first but it was a great experience. Great job!
  • Continue the great program you have.
  • We loved it and will be back June 27. Thank you!
Soccer Parent Testimonies

Soccer Camp Testimonials From Campers

“I had a great time at the Global Soccer Camp. I learned so much. I can’t wait to go back next Summer”.

-Jadyn Ellis 

Soccer Camp Testimonials From Parents


" Great place you have at this camp. The coaches were wonderful. The kids really enjoyed it and I will recommend this camp to all parents"


Candace B.

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