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What We Do

Our aim at the Texas Global Soccer Academy (TGSA) is to give all soccer players the age-appropriate training that they are unable to achieve on their own or from their club teams. We ensure that the players receive quality soccer coaching instruction from our coaches and professional staff.

The academy provides a well-balanced curriculum where we focus on the fundamentals of the game, emphasize proper technique, and teach positional demands. Our coaches incorporate fun activities and simulate match-condition games that our players truly enjoy.


Our Philosophy 

We work to create a fun and challenging environment where players have the opportunity to learn.



Our mission is to positively impact the development of our youth in our community by building a culture for learning new skills, soccer intelligence and opening educational opportunities to keep a life-long passion for the sport of soccer. 


Our ultimate goal is to encourage, inspire and empower each player to play at the highest level possible.


We believe our exceptional core values, effective game model, and total player-centered approach at year-round camps and daily training will lead each individual player to achieve high level of team success on and off the pitch.


Academy Goals

  • Help and transition recreational soccer players for competitive divisions
  • Prepare players for competitive high school and collegiate soccer programs
  • Raise and elevate self-esteem and confidence
  • Ensure a fun learning soccer environment and gain like activities with
    achievable challenges
  • Teach core soccer skills, good practice habits, technical knowledge, discipline, and apply social skills in being an elite team member
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