Soccer Camp Testimonials from Parents and Campers

Letter from Parent Cynthia Clark:
Dear Coach Jacob,
My two sons really enjoyed the Global Soccer 4-day Camp this year. It was their first year and I was so glad to hear them say, “Wow, I know how to kick and pass now! I thought I knew before but I didn’t!” They really did learn a lot and I appreciated your hands on instruction and really showing what that instruction looked like! It was a positive experience and they came away with a better understanding of the game and a heightened interest in soccer.
With gratitude,
Cynthia Clark

-Cynthia Clark

I love soccer. I have been to so many camps and this camp is the best ever. You should go to Rise Rockwall and enjoy playing the way Coach Matt teaches the game.
-Michaela Ewaszko

What I liked about the Texas Global Soccer Camp was heading games, doing drills, and playing small sided games.
-Tre Williams

What the TGSA campers say?

“I had a great time at the Global Soccer Camp. I learned so much. I can’t wait to go back next Summer”.
- Jadyn Ellis

“At this Soccer Academy, I have enjoyed the individual topics each day, all the games that we have played, the friends I have made and the fun I have had. From when I began, I have improved my soccer playing skills. That is what I like about the Academy”.
- Anna Palmer

“I liked how the coaches made the heading games so much fun and loved the small-sided games we played”.
-John Federicksen

Our weekly Texas Global private lessons with coach Matt helped us quickly move to the next level, from rec to club soccer. It helped make playing soccer more fun too.
-Dr. Vincent Iannelli

My son played soccer while in elementary and middle school, but had gotten away from the game. His skills were still present but in need of work and guidance. His interest level had risen because of friends at school and my son found himself interested in playing varsity soccer.

Coach Matt worked with my son to help him make the transition and make the school team. With targeted training focused on improving skills and developing game time awareness, my son has excelled in his return to the soccer field.

My son has garnered much praise from his coaches and peers for his play, and it is to the credit of coach Matt that the praise is owed. Together, Matt and Matthew have helped to re-kindle a love of soccer that will carry my son throughout high school and hopefully beyond.

Thanks Matt
-Greg Daniel, Texas Global Soccer Parent