Private Coaching

Get a Private Soccer Coach to Improve your Athletic Skills on the Soccer Field

Private Training
One-on-One Training, Group Training, Team Training Assistance
One-on-One Training is the unique way to take your game to the next level. We have the experience and professional staff with an artificial grass turf facility to provide the highest quality instruction aimed at improving all aspects of your game through soccer coaching. Each soccer private coaching session addresses the players’ technical, physical, and the mental skills you want to play at the highest level. We always go over the proper technique in shooting, passing, and dribbling to help pave the way for future growth and success in the game. Each training session is planned out for in advance and specifically tailored for you to reach your personal goals.

Small Group Training:
Small Group Training allows us to work with you on a wide range of skills and tactical applications. Group Training is ideal way to work on the technical, physical and mental aspects of the game through small-sided games. A small group is a great way for players to get together and push themselves to new heights.

Team Training Assistance:
TGSA specializes in providing advance training to organizations of all levels. We can assist your organization in all aspects of the game through soccer coaching. Whether you are a Youth Organization, Club Team, or High School Team, you can outsource some of your training sessions to the Texas Global Soccer Academy.

Private Training/ Group-Team Clinic Duration, Hours/Day, and Cost will be discussed between TGSA and Organization prior to setting up a series of training sessions with a soccer private coach.

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