Soccer Camp Questions and Answers

Q: What is the Texas Global Soccer Academy?

A: TGSA is designed to identify and develop soccer players from all levels of play and assist in reaching their full potential and play at an elite level.

Q: What can I expect from TGSA Camp?

A: TSGA wants to create a fun and challenging environment where players have the opportunity to learn from a beginner level to advanced level through soccer coaching. Your child will learn the fundamentals of soccer. We also give our players the confidence and technical ability to win more 1 V 1 situation and score more goals through visual aids. Unlike other camps, we offer your child more individual opportunities to develop functional playing (position) skills throughout the year.

Q: What does each program participant receive?

A: Please visit the benefits section and read about each program.

Q: Do participants need to bring their own water?

A: Yes, players need to bring their own water bottle to drink from. Drinking stations will be at each location and water will always be available.

Q: What should I bring the training program and what should I wear?

A: Players should bring shin guards, soccer cleats, footwear appropriate for use on a turf surface and soccer ball. Each player must also have a parent or guardian sign the waiver and release form prior to participating any of the programs provided by TGSA.

Q: Is your training program for boys only?

A: No, all of our training programs are for both boys and girls.

Q: Are there any team or family discounts available?

A: Please call our offices directly to find out more information and see what is available.

Q: How do I register?

A: There are several ways to register for our training programs for soccer camps or soccer private coaching:

1. Register online » to the appropriate program
2. Register by mail – Send your application to our address below:

Texas Global Soccer Academy
2306 Guthrie Road, Ste. 260-B1
Garland, Texas 75043

Q: What is the cancellation policy after payment has been made?

A: If a camper cancels prior to the start of the camp program, cancellations will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Q: Where do your players train?

A: TGSA players train at the following locations;
Rise Expo Indoor : 2922 South Highway 205, Rockwall, Texas 75035
ICEC : 3821 BROADWAY BLVD., GARLAND, TX 75043 & other locations accessible to the team. All locations, dates, and times are specified by all programs.

Q: Can you give us an overview of your method, approach, and strategy on how players learn through soccer coaching?

A: Overview

TEXAS GLOBAL SOCCER Training Programs follow a researched and proven approach to player development. The following information introduces each one of our curriculums, operating philosophy and the methods and structure that are used to deliver the session.

Mission Statement

To offer multiple opportunities to learn and provide support for the community youth soccer programs.


Create a FUN and CHALLENGING environment where players have the opportunity to LEARN.

Player Development Rationale

Texas Global Soccer believes in a building block approach to Player Development. At a young age mastery of the ball is critical for a child’s future development. Players follow a path focused on technique and skill development, as competency increases, tactical (decision making) elements are introduced. Within each building block, an extensive curriculum is offered. The following diagram illustrates the Texas Global Soccer ‘Building Blocks of Player Development:

The TGSA coach focuses on three methods to deliver the building blocks of player development.

A description of each method is offered in the table below:

# Method Description
1 Inspire
  • Players need to develop a motivation and desire to work hard during training sessions and during their own time away from structured sessions.
  • Every player – coach interaction serves as an opportunity to develop a passion and love for the game
2 Expert Coaching
  • In order for a player’s ability to improve, they require accurate and concise information, combined with specific and immediate individual feedback.
  • An adaptive coaching style is used to ensure that every player is developed during the training session; the objective is to create players who are independent thinkers.
3 Repetitive
  • Repetition and deliberate practice is the key to learning. To master new skills players need to receive a high frequency of realistic situations that offer maximum ball contact.
  • Players must be challenged to work at a high intensity that replicates a game environment.

Session Structure

The following table provides an overview of how a typical session would be structured.

Section % of time Key Points
Warm Up 20%
  • Main focus is to maximize ball contact
  • One ball per player to develop skill mastery
Main Activity 40%
  • Focus on one main theme per session
  • Technical application to skill mastery
  • Techniques introduced on a scale from non-opposed to fully opposed
Conditioned Play 20%
  • Small sided group play
  • Conditions added to reinforce the application of skill
  • Activities to goal with many attacking and defending opportunities
Match 15% Session ends with a competitive scrimmage
Cool Down 5% Stretching & Learning Closure Review

For more information about soccer coaching and getting trained by a soccer private coach, contact 469-554-8472 or send an email to: matt@tgsacademy.com /